You can tell so much about a person by how much they stand and fight for others and how they fight for themselves.

Since Bitcoin started, some people who found it early started studying more about it, most of these people were techies, nerds if you like, some economists, some teachers, different people from different walks of life and social statuses. They have few things in common, like wanting smaller Governments and  individual sovereignty amongst many others .

True, the power of Government has been abused so many times, and will continue to be abused by those in power. Taking a critical look at it, what is one of the main tools that  give them  this power? MONEY.  

This morning, the driver of the Uber ride I took were discussing Nigerian politicians and he said something profound, "if someone has money and power, they can do a lot of good or damage" and we can all attest to that.

The State (Government) was separated from religion in  many countries because why should something so personal to an individual be under the control of the State. Imagine this, would you be happy if you were to be  assigned a religion by the state when you're born?  Or what would it feel like to have to seek permission from the Government before you can change your religion.  

Now what Bitcoiners are fighting for is a separation of State and Money, if the religion is important to us, money is equally as important a tool in our lives. If these two are important, why should a few people still be in control of any of them?

Money is the last thing the State is using to hold people captive, once people have the freedom to choose what money they want and how they want to use it, in this case money that isn't in under the control of anyone, then their powers are reduced and they will be more inclined to serve the people better.

The issue with control of money/wealth is the means in which wealth is generated by the state, this is largely devoid of innovation in many cases. Mostly through rent-seeking and increasing taxation. A more prosperous society can help tackle corruption, true in many cases, but the problem is with how the wealth is generated by the State. They can  decide to print money at will thereby  stealing from everyone - yes, every time money is printed, the one you hold loses some value, basic supply and demand.

Bitcoiners understand the importance of taking the control of money out off the hands of a few, that  people should have the freedom to choose whatever money they want to use, and the freedom to participate in commerce with whoever one wishes to, regardless of their location.

These group of people invest their resources, time, blood, sweat, reputation fighting a war for everyone, they are patient with you when you don't see the importance of Bitcoin, they are out there building and investing in infrastructure for the future of money, a future where no one dictates how we use our hard-earned money, do you truly own your money if someone can with a signature, decide that it is worth nothing? Do you really own your money if you need permission to spend it (via banks)?

Bitcoiners know that banks are broke, they practice Fractional Reserve Banking which means that they can give/lend money they don't have. Bitcoin is exposing Central Banks, the monopoly of monetary control is being taken from them, and they do not have the tools to fight it, because they didn't see this coming. They are only beginning to grasp a wee bit of what Bitcoin can do to them.

Interest rates are only getting lower, the current model of the whole financial system, especially of Central Banking is unsustainable and will go burst someday. They have no skin in the game. They get rewarded even when things go bad and only the masses suffer it, Bitcoin curbs this irresponsibility. Bitcoin does fix this.

Finally, if you are a skeptic, try studying enough about Bitcoin with the aim of convincing yourself that the cause Bitcoiners are fighting for is a lost cause, pretty sure you'd end up as a Bitcoiner halfway through your research.

We  all become Bitcoiners someday, somehow, because the system will mess you up one day or another and you will find safe haven in Bitcoin.