I really feel that in a more connected era where information spreads much faster than ever, we are open to a whole lot of things every day. Whether we like it or not, those things affect us in more ways than we notice and the dangerous thing is these things happen gradually.

From normalizing things we wouldn't have ever thought of, to becoming fanatic about ideas that have origins and motives we do not really know of.

It is fair to say that some of these are good, some are bad. But with the overload of information, it becomes more difficult to filter the signal from the noise. We have so many voices in our heads, shouting, crying, trying to take center stage.

Our attention spans are shorter, our principles stand on weaker pillars, I think a lot of us stand of something these days - NOTHING. We are open to so many things that we are constantly changing positions, like a ship been tossed by the sea waves.

We are like sheep, always following what seems to appeal to us, chasing pleasure, at the expense of our long term freedom and many times at the expense of others.

More than ever, we need to guide our minds, we need to filter what comes in, we need to do our best to block the noise. One way I will always recommend you do this is by having a digital detox.

Log out of the digital world.

If you leave your phone off, your laptop off, the world won't end I assure you. But what I can assure you  is  you will come back better, you will feel your body, everything will come to a halt. You will think better, you will find yourself.

Deep down, if we look inside, we are not really ourselves lately. We are a representation of all the noise we have allowed to clog our minds. Not knowing exactly what we stand for.  We need to take a step back and find ourselves.

I believe that at this point in time and going forward, critical thinking; questioning everything is very important. Otherwise, we will most likely live other people's ideas and worries without ever living our own lives.

You didn't come to be a representation of another human.

The competitive advantage you need today is detachment.

Please live. The world needs the special in you. We want your uniqueness.