Two school of thoughts
School 1: Use this period to learn as much as you can and upskill, if you don't, you're probably very lazy and unambitious

School 2: Learn as much as you can, finish all those courses, invest in yourself

School 3: Ignore the pressure to upskill, just survive this and you will be fine afterwards.

Now that is the beautiful thing about opinions, opinions like these three, mostly good intentioned don't work for everyone. Everyone giving their opinions on have different perspectives of things.

I am taking it from the angle of "What do you say?", yes, you as an individual. Do you want to upskill or do you want to just ride it out?

I might be wrong, but I kind of think that this period will tell us more about ourselves, moved away from our regular programming, away from our bosses and colleagues. Do we find ourselves trying hard to get better? or just winding down and waiting for everything to be over.

Now I don't know what class you belong, I will say, it's perfectly fine to just rest and focus on survival, but I have a question...if you don't have the luxury or the job security of those asking you to just survive, do you plan to keep on surviving after this? Again, this is more a reflection of our ideals.

One thing is certain, there will be lots of job losses during and after this and it will take some time for the economy to recover, when business owners come to decide who stays and who leaves, the more skillful and versatile ones get to stay.

You have to be honest with yourself and face your reality. Then plan accordingly.

what is my reality?

Mine is that I need to upskill, I do possess a range of what you might feel like damn, I wish I knew all these things but I am working harder than ever to get better, because I know the competition will be stiff out there very soon. I have seen some very very good developer friends in the US lose their jobs, those are the kinds of talents we will be competing with  for jobs.

My focus therefore is for those who want to upgrade their hustle, for those who are not ok with just surviving. Please keep it up, make it work, it will be worth it,

Whatever you do, tell yourself the truth and choose your path.