Yes, the volatility of the price of Bitcoin can drive you crazy, it gets mentally exhausting. I used to have Bitcoin apps with price alerts, which gets distracting, I couldn't concentrate on anything other than the price wasn't worth it - or it was since I have learnt a lesson.

Going into my 7th year as a 'Bitcoiner', I can confidently say I have seen the ups and the downs, the joys and the laughters...the FOMO moments, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Messiahs have come with projects building a better Bitcoin, shilled to us, we seen 'Crypto Experts' spring up on Twitter and Facebook, dumping on their followers.

John McAfee pumped many tokens with his 'Coin of The Day'  tweets. Like sheep, many waited, some made money, many lost.

I received a call from the school nurse, who put my son on the line. My son told me he was very sad and was feeling depressed. I immediately went to my son’s school to pick him up. Before we left, we met with one of the administrators, who helped my son feel a little better. 

The whole afternoon I couldn’t stop thinking about how sad my son was when I arrived at the school. A few hours later, when I went upstairs for some quiet time, it hit me that my son may be depressed…just like me.

What I love about this image is the raw emotion that shows just how hard parenting can be sometimes.
Photo by Claudia Wolff / Unsplash

Like everything that has to do with money, emotions run high.

A lot of people coming who are new to the concept of Bitcoin, after hearing the success stories of their friends assume that once they can learn how to trade, then it's a free ride to riches...highway to Kazondia.  A few positive signals here and there, a few wins and they get more confident, they start trying to time the market...trying to predict what price will be best to buy the bottom. This too has not turned out well many many times.

Many have lost a fortune trying to 'trade bitcoin'. Please do not fall into that trap, it is time-consuming and if you don't have a lot of trading experience and funds laying about, DON'T DO IT.

Photo by Harley-Davidson / Unsplash

Do what the big boys and girls in Bitcoin do. Suck the emotion out of it.

You have better things doing with your life than staring at charts all day trying to predict where the price of Bitcoins is going go (well, I did a lot of this and if I had known earlier, I wouldn't have).

When you are able to suck out the emotion out of investing in Bitcoins, you would have won more than half the do you complete your victory.

Ignore price movements as much as you can, buy a preset amount of Bitcoins at a desired time interval, this way, regardless of the price of Bitcoins, you are not overly bothered.

For example, you can buy $5 worth of Bitcoins every week, regardless of the current market price, this way you are focused on getting Bitcoin in bits...stacking sats - Bitcoiners call it.

I will write a full post on how dollar cost averaging your Bitcoin purchases works and ways you can do it.

For now, just buy and ignore prices, Bitcoin is a long term play, get your share before the whole world realizes how valuable it is.

This has a huge potential of making your retirement juicier than it should be.

Buy Bitcoin.