Notes from a product management interview practice course on udacity.

What hiring managers are looking for in Product Manager interviewees

  1. A genuine passion and interest and the user the company is trying to serve. You can be good at Product management but if you are not passionate about the user, that is incomplete
  2. Critical thinking - getting insights from analytical data
  3. Problem solving - breaking a very complex problem into subsets that make them easy to solve
  4. Communication skills - not proficiency in English, but the ability pass your message to your team and users in an easy to understand and inspiring way. You should be able to know your audience and tailor your messages based on what is important to them
  5. Collaborative Leadership - ability to take charge when needed without making others feel like they are lesser
  6. Initiative - you can also term this as "Bias towards action". Are you a self-starter? a curios person who always seeks to solve problems. How do you handle challenging situations?

The most important of these skills is the passion for the user. If you are passionate enough about the user and the company, you can build and learn the rest. It all starts with the passion

If you are going through a case study with the interviewer, take them through the process you are solving the problem with. Thinking out loud, sharing your assumptions and using them as a sounding board. Do it like you would in an office setting with your colleagues.

Focus more on the approach than the solution. Also ask clarifying questions to clear assumptions

Don't hesitate to say you don't know when a question is asked. Be honest.

What domains should an interviewee have knowledge in and to what extent?

Product management is an intersection of business, design and engineering. You should be able to comfortably converse with various stakeholders across  domains.

A decent knowledge of design principles is important. UI/UX differences on different platforms

You don't need to know much about technical things because that is what the engineering team is there for. It is good to have fundamental knowledge that allows you to have discussions with the engineering team.

One way to stand apart is to create a product-related proposal or project that is beneficial to the company you are applying to.

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