So just imagine you can have any number of days off each year at work and get paid for it.

I have been toying with the thought of asking our HR Manager to look at this.

Most times at Bitnob, we are usually thinking of ways to make it a fun place to work, the unwritten rule is "work shouldn't feel like work".

You shouldn't be working out of fear, thinking that someone is always looking for you to fail so they can laugh at you.

I want us to build a place where everyone feels like they have found the best place  to discover themselves, a place where they want to see what they always thought they knew how to do expressed. Without fear of failure.

The driving force is, build a place where I myself would want to work. If I wouldn't want to work here, then don't build it. Be the kind of colleague I'd love to have.

Back to the topic. Unlimited days off.

What are some advantages of having unlimited days off (paid)?

What if employees abuse it?

What if someone wants to take some time off in the middle of a critical project?

What are the psychological advantages  for the employees ?

How does management come back in the event that this is abused?

How do you as a team member not abuse this?

Right now, these are some of the questions I have on my mind. I just know that we are currently very flexible in such a way that anyone can take time off even if they're just feeling "off" that day or don't feel like working.

I hope to find more answers on this soon, and if there's a good framework for this, then I think it's worth exploring.

Everyone should enjoy their work.

I am also really thinking hard about 4-day work weeks, I believe we have an awesome team here and this could be really good for us.