I live as a man who can lose his freedom the very next day, I consider every day my last day being a free man, so therefore I live fully.

I live as a man who laughs wholeheartedly, in the middle of that laughter I have quick conversation with myself to savour the moment, to fully appreciate that I can laugh and enjoy it. My eyes squint, sometimes I close them myself, because o I must enjoy every bit of this.

I live as a man who is constantly fighting to remind myself that my thoughts are the only things I truly own. That I lose them when I let another mortal think for me, that no mortal knows me better than I do. That my guts have been with me before birth, sleep with me, eat with me, walk with me and even the greatest of philosophers cannot know better than that.

I live as a man fights for the freedom of others, even when their core principles go against mine. Constantly I challenge myself to be more tolerant of others, to understand that everyone is a reflection of their realities and what I deem bad might be ok to them, what they deem a taboo might be ok to me; so therefore I am not morally superior. I can only be morally superior to the version of me from yesterday.

I live as a man who wants excitement, it comes; I take it. Excitement is food to my soul. I love feasts. I want to have large banquets & dance under the moon. I want to meet strangers and share beautiful moments with them. I want to tell them how wonderful they are, in their language. I want to have a beautiful family, I want to grow old on a farm, enjoying the quiet evenings, the morning dew and the sound of different kinds of birds greeting me every morning. I want to sit on a couch and have kids wrapped in my arms. I want to tell them all those fake tales I come up with. I want to be the reason they smile so many times. I want you to smile when you remember me.

I live as a man who doesn't want to be seen as perfect, but as a man who understands that I will be seen as different things to different people. Therefore I am left with only the choice I can control. The choice I can control is how I see myself. I want to see myself as having fully lived, enjoyed good food & music, and loved many.

I live as man who will die fulfilled any day. I do not add aspirations that will make me feel like I haven't lived if I don't  do them. I chip away, I scrape from the block of ambitions, instead of adding blocks to it in order to give my life meaning, I have found meaning in doing the little things believing that those little things could be the end or the path to the next little thing. I live in 'morsels'

I want to read books under a tree, eat with friends under the tree. I want to sit around a fire roasting corn and laughing at the obviously boring jokes my friends have.

I do not want to spend a moment of my life hating on anyone, I want to have the luxury to go through their thinking process with no malice. I want to be able to help them even when we do not agree on many things.

My biggest is fear is losing myself, losing the beauty of being able to think like a child. Maybe that's why I wake up on a Saturday morning and run to the kids section of Netflix to watch cartoons. Maybe that's I don't see myself as greater than any other man, maybe that is why I prefer spending time close to nature.

When I cry, I cry. When I love, I love(why should we never?). When I eat, I am in the food, fully present, looking at everyone around the table and being thankful for the chance to do so.

I am that man, who just thought about my life and decided to write this as it comes.