Heaven is a developed country, hell is in Africa, if you were born in Africa, then you were probably a really bad person in your former life.

Frankly speaking, I was supposed to be born somewhere in Scandinavia, but somehow, while I was getting judged for how I lived my former life, I missed the cutoff mark, so as punishment, I was  sent to be born in Africa.

I guess I was a really really bad person in my former life.  Really want to live a good life this time around so that I will be born in a developed country in my next life.

There was a point in my life I almost actually believed this theory.

Heard of the Ovarian Theory?

In a lecture at the University of Florida, Warren Buffet coined the term Ovarian Theory. Here is how it goes.

if you have the chance of being born again, to a random woman in the world, i.e the chance to start all over, born of any random family, anywhere in the world. Would you take it?

You could be born in Warren Buffet's family, or you could be born as slave in Libya, or be born to the family of a middle-class couple, or even a farmer in Russia.

You could be born a dictator, you could be born blind, you could be born with a disease that has no cure.

Would you still take this bet?

I think maybe just a few of us are willing to take that bet, I have a high-risk appetite but I wouldn't take this bet either.

What am I  driving at? I am trying to make us understand that no matter our circumstance, we have cause to be grateful.

We become sad when we feel that life isn't treating us well, when we look at another person/country/continent and feel that life is unfair, then we start finding who or what to blame. Sometimes we blame the families we are born in, sometimes our country and sometimes even our race.

I know we  sometimes feel like life sucks, I felt that way many times until I started living a life of gratitude.  A life of gratitude always gives you something to be thankful for, and believe me, there is always something to be grateful for if we look well.

When last were you really grateful that you have food to eat? Probably a long time ago, because you easily have food to eat now.

What do you have that many other people don't have? If you have a device to even read  this, then you should know that there are BILLIONS of people in slums hustling to eat just 1 square meal, they don't have clean water and sleep in packed rooms with no access to healthcare facilities.

Some have never held a phone in their hands, some have never seen the four walls of a classroom, some eat rice...once a year. I could go on and on.

One reason we get very sad a lot of times is because we forget what we have and focus on what we don't. If you are cannot comfortably take the bet above, then you have a lot to be thankful for.

We get used to eating 3 square meals, we get used to having many clothes and even clothes for special events, we can read and write, we have become so used to all these seemingly little things that we begin to take them for granted.

So please, things are hard, but let us all pause and start from a place of gratitude, then build on that. Let us  be intentional in being thankful. Even when bad things happen to us, we should be thankful for the lessons learnt (I know it's hard).

Living a life of gratitude reminds us of the positive things in our lives, it keeps us focused on what is important.  It is from a place of gratitude that you begin to see the blessings and beauty of where you come from, the beauty of family and friends.

It is from a place of gratitude that you look back at when you made local toys because your parents couldn't afford to buy you one, even though back then you envied those whose parents could buy them toys.

“If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, ‘thank you,’ that would suffice.” – Meister Eckhart

You  might feel like there is nothing to be thankful for in your life right now, but we should be thankful:

  1. for difficult times because during those times we grow
  2. for our shortcomings, they give us room for improvement
  3. for challenges, they help us grow in strength and character
  4. for the things we don't have, if you had it all, then what is there to live for?

Take your current situation as a training session preparing you for the great things you will handle someday. You will be fine I promise.

Every day may not be good... but there's something good in every day
Alice Morse Earle