The best investment you can make is investing in yourself, investing in actionable knowledge and positioning yourself in places that "luck" will find you.  

I want to raise a Bitcoin Army this year. Only those who are willing to sacrifice and take risks are allowed to join the army and this is no different.

If you know me, you know I am  a Bitcoiner through and through. From building Bitcoin software, to trading and reading charts, to knowing people in the bitcoin space across the world, teaching in Bitcoin webinar and seminars, radio shows and interviews by some of the biggest bitcoin news websites [] and more.

I also in January of 2019 got Certified as a Blockchain Developer by the biggest Ethereum development studio in the world ; Consensys.

I am passionate about this technology, many who have touted it as the biggest technology and most revolutionary since the creation of the internet are right. In Africa, I am even more passionate about the opportunities it brings to fore, and how it can be of benefit to the continent. We have missed out on many things, Bitcoin shouldn't be one of them.

Bitcoin is here to stay.

This is here to stay, my biggest observations over time have been that we need to be educated more on how this works,

  1. for those who want to make use of it, how best to do that,
  2. for those who want to speculate with it and make some cool side money(possibly retirement fund),
  3. for those who want to store their wealth in an asset that isn't inflationary and prone to seizure,
  4. those who want to diversify their investment portfolios and
  5. those who want to build Bitcoin businesses.

Education has been one of the key missing pieces, ALL of my Bitcoin classes in 2019 were free and I noticed two things:

  1. The learning formats need to change, people can only digest so much in a short time
  2. People put more value to whatever they pay in the game

In some of those classes, we never got to finish, and even when I missed a few days and my fire kind of fizzled, we never got to continue, I think most of them were interested, especially from the early classes, but there was no skin in the game to continue.

And I keep telling my friends, that I didn't feel I did enough Bitcoin work in 2019 and I feel really bad about it. And it's funny because I still have lots of people who want to learn this, to do some of the things I listed above.

Most people who bought Bitcoins before December 2017 are still in profits, heck even those who got in after, especially if they have been dollar cost averaging (the main thing I want to teach at least 1000 people in 2019) , they are still in profits.

I will like more people to truly understand Bitcoin and be able to make more informed decisions for themselves. I thought long and hard about this and have finally figured out something that will work,  I have reached out to some people who are interested and to those in our failed classes and they have also agreed that this format works for everyone.

What Format are my talking about?

A mastermind group. Yes I am starting a mastermind group (this will be on Whatsapp or facebook, depending on where my members choose).

This mastermind group is for people ready to dive in, at a reasonable pace, slowly easing in while not interrupting their daily schedules, learning in a fun manner and whatnot.

The group will have weekly sessions on one topic or the other around Money, bitcoin, best ways to speculate/invest, how to properly use bitcoin etc.

You can ask questions anytime, and the group will be properly moderated.

At the end of the class, I believe that every single person in that group can go on to teach Bitcoin to others, build their own businesses and diversify their investment portfolios.

The class will also have more Bitcoiners mentoring you along the way.

I will be teaching a lot on dollar cost averaging as well which is one of, if not the best bitcoin investment technique.

Note: these prices will go higher by the Friday 12pm. They are currently at 20% off

So if you are interested in joining this mastermind group,  here are the payment links

  1. (Nigeria)
  2. (worldwide USD)
  3. (Ghana)

If you want to pay using direct transfers, use :

  1. 1233073598 - Ecobank - Bernard Parah (buzz me on +233549115753 after making payment)
  2. if you are in Ghana, send me a message on +233549115753 on how to process your payments.

The payment is a Monthly payment plan and the cohort will run for 6 months, after which you can renew to continue enjoying the benefits.

You can leave when you feel you are not getting any value for your money, and I am offering a FULL MONEY BACK guaranty if you don't find the group useful.

I will close the group at 100 users for the year.

Invest in yourself this year. You can do it!