Best post I read this year (was actually a tweetstorm by @naval) and it shaped my business thinking, how I select the people I work with (long term players) and validated a lot of things I was doing but wasn't sure if they were right or not.

This post by Naval distills them into something easily understandable.

This should be one of the manuscripts in your arsenal.

How to Get Rich: Every Episode everything you can on Naval's blog and listen his podcasts if you can.

Also read Nassim Taleb's "Skin in The Game" to know who to do stuff with...with only people who have skin in the game.

"Talk is cheap. It’s easy to advocate for what others should do when you don’t have any skin in the game — when you don’t have to shoulder the downside of such positions yourself."
Read the full Incerto series by NN Taleb when you can. Lots to learn from.

This interview by Sean Diddy Combs and his mentor, Ray Dalio is also golden. Watched it several times.